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All my products are made in small batches and are vegan with natural and organic ingredients.

Vegan handcrafted products for the MIND, BODY & SOUL

100% Vegan Products

All my products are made in small batches and are vegan with natural and organic ingredients.

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Barbara Toyama

I started my business in 2011 making one of a kind greeting cards and selling them on consignment. About six years ago I got breast cancer and started really paying attention to my health. I always ate well but didn’t use vegan, high quality products that I was putting on my skin and hair. I also bought any type of candle that I found had a pleasant scent.

After my diagnosis, I started researching bath and body products as well as candles. Fast forward to today, I make only vegan, organic bath and body products, such as my cold process soap and I make 100% soy candles. Everything I make for my customers is made with limited ingredients, essential oils and organic ingredients. I make everything in small batches to get them to you fresh. In addition, I use reusable and recyclable packaging. In addition to making all of my items. I do all of my packaging, marketing and social media. It is my goal to give others, possibly those of you with some health issues, a product that you can use without worrying about what you put on your body.

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We use natural and organic ingredients and all of our products are vegan.  With so many folks having issues and sensitivities to ingredients due to chemicals and paraffins, our extensive research has discovered the best natural ingredients available, while also using recyclable, reusable and limited packaging.

We use high-grade Essential Oils and fragrance oils for their nourishing benefits but also for their pleasant aromas.  You will find that we spend a lot of time researching ingredients here, to provide you with healthy, high quality products.  If you have questions regarding benefits of specific ingredients that we use to make our nourishing products, call or shoot me an email with your question and I will respond as quickly as I can.

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Our handcrafted products are made with the finest vegan ingredients, and are made in small batches. Shop now to get the freshest high-quality vegan and organic bath and body products and soy candles available.